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A little bit about The Wild Boar by Val Sivilli

This hairy, murky, somewhat unknowable beast emerged unprovoked from a deep, dark place. It was all a bit frightening, yet very exciting as the tale of this wild animal emerged. This process of (self?) discovery began with these few short lines:

“I am fairly certain that there is an animal living inside of me. I don’t mean this metaphorically, I mean this actually. There is a real wild animal living inside of me.”

I travelled with this one page story to New Mexico for a 3-month residency in the winter of 2015. My intention was to create a major shift in my work through an on-going series of paintings illustrating this story. Needless to say, that is not exactly what happened. The subject of the Wild Boar found its way into all of my paintings – yet without the text. The Wild Beast insisted on it very own structure, it’s own separate and distinct narrative in the form of a book. So, being subservient to the beast and more than a little bit curious, I relented. Originally 3 books were handprinted and sewn by myself with my dear friend Ulla Warchol’s expertise to help guide me. Currently, those same 3 stories are broken down into 5 books having been transformed into a square format. They are funny, dark, ironic, gutsy, and brutally honest and available through direct purchase on the Amazon self publishing site Create Space using my WildRootPress as publisher.


A little about Val

My work is fueled by my passion for color, narrative and physical expression. I love a good story and often incorporate text into my paintings. As an Adjunct Professor of Visual Arts, I teach college level courses at various institutions. Originally, from Brooklyn, Long Island and then Brooklyn again, I now live in Hunterdon County, New Jersey. The Delaware River is never far from my site. Often, I can be found playing my accordion somewhere.

Proud To Announce!

A Purchase of Ross Gay and Val Sivilli (aka WildRootPress) collaborative book project of Ross’s poem “The Fig Tree on 9th and Christian”. Just today… yay!


Collaborating with a Beast

These little illustrated stories are about a wild boar, or some such beast like this, finding a home inside of me. Living there and loving it there. Taking liberties with my senses and my emotions and at times invading the workings of my brain. Such a problem!

What to do with this beast!  Sometimes it hibernates. Sometimes it take the helm of my reactions and actions. It is a beast. A Bore. A burden. But I am getting to know this beast, slowly, but surely and with a vengeance.

This beast that needs to be exposed and expelled. I just need to find it.  It might be hiding somewhere and it might not really even be MY beast. It could be someone else’s beast holding up in there and creating havoc.

For some reason it is mine and running my life, from the inside out.

Val Sivilli